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Staff Welfare Scheme

We provide flexible working hours, 13th month pay, social insurance and housing fund, statutory holidays and special holidays, paid annual leave, free breakfast, free lunch, expectant snacks, afternoon tea and festive activities. We give all you want.
  • Social Insurance & Housing Fund
    We provide five types of social insurance (pension, medical, unemployment, maternity and work-related injury insurance) and housing fund.
  • Paid Annual Leave
    A paid annual leave can be called a real welfare.
  • Humanized Attendance
    Eight-hour day; five-day work week; super humanized attendance. You will know when you come.
  • Convenient Transportation
    Excellent office location; convenient for commuting.
  • Commercial Insurance
    Intimate commercial insurance.
  • Annual Health Check
    Comprehensive package of physical examination.
  • Team Activity
    Have fun with interesting people with team-building activity funds.
  • Birthday Wishes
    Happy birthday! Gifts for you!

Abundant Activities

There is a surprise on holidays

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